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Imagine yourself confident and bold in the spotlight.

Imagine your music stirring powerful emotions.

It's not magic - It's knowledge!

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About Megan Wilde

Megan Wilde is a Nashville based singer who's upcoming album garnered the involvement of 6 Grammy/Oscar/Emmy winners and nominees. Her music has been featured on TNT's Claws and Forever 21 commercials. She was awarded the LA Music Critic Award, written about in international press outlets like Dailymail and M Music Magazine, and has performed at iconic venues including Lincoln Center in New York and Hosting/Modeling/and Singing for Paris Fashion Week at The Eiffel Tower. She has been a music teacher for over 10 years - with her studio averaging 50 students a week.


After training in Opera at the revered Interlochen Academy Of The Fine Arts, Contemporary Vocal Performance at Columbia, and then immersing herself in songwriting with Berklees Online School - Megan took what she learned from the masters and applied it to her own career. With a natural love for nurturing students of all ages and skillsets - her students have gone on to be admitted to schools like Berklee College of Music, and work with music producers for Kelly Clarkson and The X-Factor.

After being invited to the United Nations Headquarters as Distinguished Guest of Honor - Megan was named Global Ambassador of the “African Women’s Leadership Org.”, which features Presidents, First Ladies, Royalty, and business moguls as their honorary members.  Megan combines music with humanitarian causes to elicit real change - having advocated before Congress as a member of UNICEFs Congressional Action Team, her music has covered such topics as anti-child sex trafficking, minority rights, suicide and bullying victims, and women’s empowerment.

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About Wilde Music Academy

A teacher for over 10 years - Megan brings a breadth of experience and enthusiasm to her students. Students represent all ages, all skill levels, and all genres (outside of screamo!).

Besides knowledge, Wilde Music Academy offers convenience. Whether you are in Germany wanting to advance your songwriting skills or in LA hoping to score that audition - Megan can serve you online!

In summer 2022 - Megan is happy to open up her academy in serving the Nashville community! Learn from the convenience of your own home.

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Contact Wilde Music Academy for Your First Free Trial Lesson

Wilde Music Academy offers one FREE, no obligations 30 minute trial lesson for new incoming students.

Trial Lessons are available for all musicians of any age or skillset.

Simply use our contact form or email at, request a time frame and day, let us know the instrument, and we'll email you back shortly with availabilities.

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